Roll-Out Rack (Crank Handle)

Rack-Storage Limited

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Special rotary and rigid construction. Moving parts are mounted on ball bearings. The individual frames are completely welded and assembled units. A cross-knurled, non-slip surface allows the controlled rolling-in and -out of the drive shaft, empty as well as under load. The arms can be extended 100% by crank handle and, accordingly, are ideal for loading goods by crane.


• Optimum handling of long goods by hall crane
• One-person operation possible
Storage of lengthy goods up to 70 m, two persons operation only • Low rack base area with large storage capacity
• Space-saving (Wide aisles for forklifts or industrial trucks are unnecessary.)

Drawers extendable by crank handle up to 5730 lb load capacity per cantilever arms. Available in one-sided and double-sided designs.