Electric or Semi-Automatic Mini Crane JT600 without Rotation for Molds up to 600 kg

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Electric or semi-automatic mini crane for Plastics Injection Mold

The JT600 (without rotation)  is the electric mini crane of the «JT-line cranes» range. This electric mini crane, with a limited investment, allows you to perform any type of lifting (industrial maintenance, tooling of work centers or automatic machines, mold lifting, activities on construction sites, etc.) up to 600Kg with maximum safety and flexibility..

  • 12 months warranty on all components
  • Workshop counterbalanced crane
  • 25% overload tested before delivery
  • With double action hydraulic pump
  • Allows you to work near a machine

Technical features
Mini Crane JT600 (without rotation)
Hook capacity 600 Kg
Height min. of elevation hook 2,560 mm
Height max. of elevation hook 1,520 mm
Capacity at max. standard telescopic extension 200 Kg
Drive Manual
Lifting Electric
Telescopicing Manual
Dimensions - length 1,618 mm
Dimensions - width 910 mm
Dimensions - height 1,730 mm
Movement speed variable from: From 0 to 40 m / min
Negotiable slope 5%
Gradeability at full load 3%
Front wheels 2 x Ø 200 mm
Rear wheels 2 x Ø 200 mm
Wheel material Polyurethane
Total weight 590 kg
Electric motor power 0.8 KW / 12 V
Traction battery 80Ah / 12 V
Charger 110/240 V -50/60 Hz
Acid battery
GEL battery
Certification according to 2006/42 CE standard
Pressure control safety valves
Electrical emergency safety devices
Possibility to carry out all movements with the max. Load