Mold Racks (4 Rows / 2 Columns)

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Mold Racks are an important tool in making your molding operation more efficient and safe. First, they make storage and handling of your molds easier and organized. Secondly, they help avoid costly damages caused during mold handling. Most importantly they help protect the employee from accidents. As one of our flagship products, Mold Racks is a necessity in every plant.

• Reduce mold location and change time.

• Heavy objects such as molds and tools can be easily stored, remain in good condition and save space.

• Elevation travels horizontally.

• The height of the shelf levels can be adjusted freely.

• Units can be connected to unlimited lengths. According to the room space.

• The shelf can be easily installed

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Load at each level 2205 lb
Maximum lifting load (crane) 1764 lb
Length of each level 36 in.
Width of each level 24 in.
Height of each level Adjustable
Overall width 24 in.
Overall length 85 in.
Overall height (without base of hoist) 79 in.
Overall height (with base of hoist) 110 in.