Silicone Remover Bottle (Non-Aerosol) No.43016 - Plastics Solutions USA

Silicone Remover Bottle (Non-Aerosol) No.43016


From (Dozen) Up To (Dozen) Price ($)
1 6 107.71
7 14 102.32
15 23 97.21
24 + 92.35

*Bulk orders of 95 lbs and above (7 cases and above) must request a quote at checkout in order to receive freight shipping rates and discounted pricing.

Silicone Remover is designed to replace organic solvents that are harmful to certain plastics, such as polycarbonates, styrenes and acrylics. A specially formulated wetting agent you mix with water, Silicone Remover removes silicone oil from molded plastic parts through repeated washing. The Silicone Remover cleaning mixture can also be added to an ultrasonic bath.

• No chlorinated solvents
• Concentrate for use with water
• Completely removes all traces of silicone oil from molded parts

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