Slow Speed Granulators

Plastics granulators and plastics grinders are used to reduce runners and scrap back to pellet size pieces that can be blended back in with virgin resins.

Low speed granulators are smaller and significantly quieter for beside the press operation.  They provide an excellent quality regrind, particularly for engineered grade resins, with no fines or dust.

The low speed means that the plastic parts and runners are not mechanically and thermally impacted during the reduction process and the regrind is typically as good as virgin resin. 

Low speed also means reduced wear, lower energy costs and lower maintenance costs over time.

Moditec granulators are rugged, durable and dependable with a large array of sizes and capacities.

Goliath Plus - Plastics Solutions USA

Goliath Plus

TITAN TWIN Plus - Plastics Solutions USA


Goliath TWIN Plus Masher ABS - Plastics Solutions USA

Goliath TWIN Plus Masher ABS

Mini Goliath - Plastics Solutions USA

Mini Goliath