Slow Speed Granulators

TITAN TWIN Plus - Plastics Solutions USA


The TITAN Plus granulators benefit from MO-DI-TEC’s slow speed technology and ability to recycle larger plastic pieces such as automotive components.The TITAN Plus granulators are more particularly adapted for recycling...

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Goliath Plus - Plastics Solutions USA

Goliath Plus

The Goliath Plus ACP are especially adapted for the recycling of sprues, small and big, and also for parts for besides press operations. The regrind high quality allows you to...

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Goliath TWIN Plus Masher ABS - Plastics Solutions USA

Goliath TWIN Plus Masher ABS

The Goliath TWIN Plus assures an optimal regrind of a much more important output (nearly the double) thanks to a wider cutting chamber and 2 gearmotors (2x1,8 kW or 2x2,2...

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Mini Goliath - Plastics Solutions USA

Mini Goliath

The Mini Goliath is the most compact low speed grinder. This granulator has been designed for recycling of very small sprues (1 mm diameter up to 6 mm) including glass fiber...

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