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High Capacity Vertical Auger Mixers

Plastics Solutions USA

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Plastics Solutions USA' s heavy duty vertical auger mixers are designed to handle large volumes of material quickly and efficiently. Our systems, ranging from 75cf – 1300cf capacity, produce a homogenous blend of pellets, flakes, granules or crumbs for more accurate and efficient down-stream processing. This is accomplished by using a large industrial auger to pull material from the bottom and dispersing evenly over the top multiple times. Mixer filling can be accomplished through top loading using cyclones, vacuum loaders and screw conveyors or at the base using dumpers and dumper fill chutes.

High Capacity Mixers

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 75cf – 1300cf usable capacity
  • 60” – 120” diameter
  • Lifting lugs for easy positioning
  • Bolt on lid w/ loader mounting pattern
  • High level switch
  • Sheave and multi-belt drive, safety guarding w/ inspection window
  • Top auger bearing w/ remote lube block for easy maintenance
  • Industrial solid core auger
  • Lube free composite lower auger bushing
  • Side access / inspection door w/ safety interlock
  • High efficiency TEFC motor
  • NEMA 12 Hoffman control panel
    • On / Off selector
    • AB e-stop
    • AB programmable digital timer
  • 60 degree hopper slope
  • 20” discharge height
  • Rack & pinion slide gate
  • Gravity, vacuum or screw conveyor discharge
  • Industrial epoxy paint exterior

Mixer Options:

  • Full cell automation & integration
  • UL certified controls
  • Stainless construction
  • Quick clean package
  • Dumper fill chute
  • OSHA compliant ladders and work platforms
  • Extended legs for gravity discharge
  • Vacuum take-off boxes and probes
  • VFD soft start
  • Lower bearing assembly for abrasive materials or high cycle operations