The flexible Dispenser
for Big Bags

The innovative FLEDBAG® lets you empty big bags easily, quickly and precisely.

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for all big bags

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for returnable big bags

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For fertilizer, seeds, pellets, salt, and much more.

Functional Principle

Fledbag® Original

for all big bags

Deposit the FLEDBAG® on a firm surface. Lift the big bag by its loops using front loader or forklift forks, and position above the FLEDBAG®.

Lower the big bag so that the FLEDBAG® penetrates the big bag, then raise the big bag again.

Pull the FLEDBAG® down slightly to make it easier to open and close the valve.

By opening and closing the FLEDBAG®, you can simply meter the content of the big bag.

The flexible, folding handle

Pierce the big bag at an angle - no problem! Sometimes the big bag is still swinging slightly on lowering so that the FLEDBAG® Original can easily tip on penetrating the bag. The moving handle gives in, and nothing breaks.

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Functional Principle


Fledbag Easy for returnable big bags

Open the first knot on the big bag outlet and push the tensioning ring onto the protruding discharge hose.

Position the FLEDBAG® Easy on the discharge hose from underneath.

Pull the tensioning ring down, and fasten the tensioning ring with the discharge hose on the FLEDBAG® Easy. Do not attach the tensioning ring at the top edge, but along the neck of the FLEDBAG®.

Open the second knot on the outlet so that the content can run into the FLEDBAG® Easy. Open the slide to empty.

Fledbag is used by companies like

  • Fledbag innovation
    stable + robust
    Level upright position thanks to recessed connecting bolt. The C-modified polyamide fibreglass compound resists the highest loads, thus ensuring an unlimited service life if used correctly. No corrosion occurs!

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  • Fledbag innovation
    Precision Pour
    Innovative vario slide with an excellent leak tightness for flexible dosing

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  • Fledbag innovation
    Even more possibilities
    We recommend the use of the FLEDBAG® Easy for returnable big bags. It was specially developed for use with returnable big bags.

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