4" 2 Ply Type 4 Eye & Eye Polyester Slings

Plastics Solutions USA

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Rated Capacities (lbs):



Vertical Basket

11,000 lbs.

8,800 lbs.

22,000 lbs.


Sling made with both loop eyes turned to form a loop eye which is at a right angle to the plane of the sling body. This type of sling is commonly referred to as a twisted eye sling. Eye and eye slings are lifting slings that are designed to be endlessly versatile in uses. They are made of durable polyester, meaning they won’t stretch easily as nylon can. Eye and eye slings can be used with several different variations of hitches so you can securely lift loads of virtually any size, shape, and weight. We offer these slings in a wide variety of lengths with detailed weight limit information provided for each one. Thanks to their extremely light weight, eye and eye slings are far more cost-efficient than their chain or wire rope sling counterparts.