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RaBend, pneumatic conveying bends from VACTEC provide a simple cost effective solution for the problems of Abrasion, Angel Hair and black spots.

VACTEC’s  RaBend pneumatic Conveying Bends create new performance and efficieny options for designers and users of pneumatic conveying systems for the Plastic Industry. The innovative, patented geometry of the Rabend eliminates the “Impact and Friction Zone” which is present in long radius elbows and is the major cause of “Angel Hair,” Abrasive Wear and Product Degradation. Both the impact and impact zones are eliminated in the Rabend, as the change in direction of the material is accomplished as the material forms a “heal” in recessed pocket of the RaBend and the material impacts on itself.  The angled baffle at the discharge of the pocket assures complete cleanout after a short purge cycle. The impact and friction present in traditional long radius elbows is completely eliminated and the extended, protected discharge leg eliminates straight section wear.

Cure conveying and elbow problems with RaBend

  • Eliminate Elbow Wear
  • Stop Angel Hair
  • Reduce fines and black spots
  • Convey glass filled materials
  • Improve Uptime by reducing down time
  • Eliminate plugged blender and machine throats
  • Save Maintenance time and money
  • Watch quality and productivity increase